Get To Know Ema


What got you into design?

I have known I wanted to do some kind of art since elementary school. First, my dream was to do interior design. In college, I took fine art classes and business before stumbling into graphic design. Ever since I took my first design class, I knew I was in the right place. Because I grew up in a family with their own business, I wanted to look to help other businesses grow. I love the entrepreneurial spirit!

What do you value in your designs?

I value genuine human connection. When I design, I aim to communicate who you are and my designs are completely unique to you. They aren’t thrown together, they won’t look like anyone else’s. That is because I get to know you and your business.

What is the most important step in your design process?

In order to design, I need to get to know the person behind the business. The discovery stage is the most important because from there, I know exactly what needs to be communicated through the designs. My first step is getting to know the client; I like to ask:

  • What problem do I need to solve?

  • What makes my client unique?

Why do you recommend using a designer instead of a DIY approach?

There are plenty of ways to get a cheap logo, but you will get what you pay for. Typically they are clip art paired with default fonts, and theres no way to know if you have a design that will only be sold to you.

I and other professionals design quality identities with a purpose. I don’t just make a logo for you, I create a design system so that every aspect of your business ties together. I practice intuitive and strategic design which means that I make sure my work target my client’s customers and presents the company as professional and elegant.

What do you tell people who aren’t sold on professional design?

Professional design is the difference between staying a mom&pop operation and growing into something more. It’s not for everyone, this is true - Nothing wrong with that!

Quality design is an investment and there is a reason why:

It creates results.



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